Artists Inspiring Action is all about story. The stories of incredible good happening all over the world told through a global community of creative activists. Story is what brings us together, story is what ignites our hearts, story is what compels us to take action against the injustice we see around us. In our travels to impoverished and desperate parts of the world we saw a disconnect between the humanitarian good being done and the people that needed to hear about it. We're changing that.


Humanitarian Marketing


Artists with a passion for their talents to serve a cause are what we refer to as creative activists. And there are thousands of us all over the world.


Community is what differentiates us from the norm. We are creatives who pursue life together in servitude to humanity.


What's the good of amazing talent if it only benefits 1% of society? We want so see the best talent in the world used for the good of people in dire need.


The future of business is socially minded. In 10 years, no one will buy products and services without asking how much is being donated to charity.


Here's some examples of what we do.

Justice Does

In partnership with Rooftop519 and The Justice Conference we curated a massive 30ft x 24ft art installation in Philadelphia. We produced a short film to promote the event and communicate the heart of why we want to use art to inspire actions of love and justice.

Homes of Hope

Last year we traveled with Homes of Hope to Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, and Haiti. We filmed stories of the people who's lives were impacted by the incredible gift of a new home. The campaign included a five-part series of videos in conjunction with a new website and social media marketing strategy.


If you couldn't tell what mountain and city is in the background, Artists Inspiring Action is based in Portland, Oregon! And once we've established a model for our humanitarian creative collaborative workspace we will be expanding to Denver, Atlanta, Aukland, Paris, Oslo, and Tokyo! (Not necessarily in that order)

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